News Update - 1st April 2016

Our community hub project slowly continues, health problems have held up the lease a little but hopefully we are back on track and this will soon be completed.

There will be a letter going to all residents in the Parish asking if they would like to donate to the fund we are nearly there with our fund raising but not quite! The fund raising committee are busy making plans for an event on the weekend of 21st and 22nd May, we had hoped to have an open garden event but it was felt by some with gardens that they would prefer to have a year to plan so it looks as if we may have walks around Wolf Valley lakes and woods with cream teas and BBQ, details to be worked out at our next meeting on the 24th April. Once more if you are new to the parish or been here all your life and wish to get involved, we would be delighted to see you.

On Thursday 7th April the newly formed History group have a talk at Roadford by Mr Simon Timms “Discovering Broadwoodwidger’s Heritage” Mr Timms is an expert on the archaeology of the Devon Landscape. He was a member of the team of archaeologist involved in the excavations of the Roadford Valley that revealed the lost medieval village and helped to inspire the channel four “Time Team” programmes.

If you would like any further information on any of these events, give me a ring. Anne 01566 784295

Welcome to Broadwoodwidger

A large rural Parish in the beautiful rolling countryside of West Devon, with glorious views of Dartmoor and nearby Cornwall. Distinctive for its many hidden hamlets and farms that nestle tucked away throughout the parish. Alongside its many rivers, hills and valleys, one of which the River Wolf meanders gently, having been dammed in recent times to provide 750 acres of water stored for the large conurbations of Devon. Many outdoor activities surround the reservoir including wind surfing, boating and fishing whilst providing peaceful rural walks for the whole family to enjoy.

The A30 dual carriageway skirts one end of the parish, giving excellent road links to the South West region as a whole (albeit with a little noise)! The neighbouring parishes of Ashwater, St Giles on the Heath, and Lifton offer a range of services and points of interest for residents and visitors alike. Although the last 30 years has made a telling difference to this parish with the reservoir and the road, it has brought a vibrancy and new way of life for residents new and old in these challenging times. But above all it makes this parish a welcoming, friendly and memory-making destination.

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